Mistakes to Avoid When Hand Washing Your Car

Today, the process of a hand wash in the auto detailing industry is a more common topic of discussion. It’s also a more required service in the industry of car washing. The reason for this is that it is less aggressive on the paint. A lot of individuals believe that hand washing ensures that you will not get any scratches or swirl marks on the car. However, that isn’t the case.

The truth is that hand washing should be properly done to avoid scratches and swirls. If not properly done, it can be simply as dangerous as a wash with a brush or other abrasive approaches.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes to avoid when hand washing your car. If you want to know more, you can
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Excessive Scrubbing

Scrubbing excessively can cause small scratches and mar as well. Every panel needs to get several light passes without too much pressure. Other techniques should be used if a contaminant can’t be removed with several short passes. Do not vigorously rub the panel to remove the contaminant.

Cross Contamination

You will also experience a lot of problems if you cross-contaminate towels. For example, wiping the car’s body with the same towel used to wipe the wheels is not a wise move. Having a couple of dedicated towels for every component of the vehicle is vital.

Lack of Lubrication

You can damage the paint of your car if it lacks lubrication while washing. The reason for this is that the surface friction in increase. Keep in mind that paint correction costs a lot of money. Thus, you shouldn’t be stingy with the soap.

Wrong Hand Washing Methods

If you use the wrong hand washing methods, it might lead to scratches and swirl marks through over contamination. This is particularly true if going from one dirty panel to another dirty panel. For instance, the lower panels are typically the dirtiest because they’re closer to the ground. That is why it is best to always start from the upper part of your car and slowly work your way down. Rinse your wash mitt after you have reached the lower part of the panel. If you don’t, the particles that are picked up from the dirty panel can be dragged throughout the other panels. This can lead to scratches on the surface.

Not Rinsing Towels

Another certain way to cause a couple of swirls is not rinsing towels clean across the wash process. For instance, utilizing the same wash mitts to wash the whole vehicle without stopping to rinse the mitts in between several panels is a certain way to create a couple of swirls.

These are simply several improper wash methods that are done commonly by a lot of car owners
during a hand wash. A lot of people doing these wrong methods aren’t aware of how harmful they are to the paint of the car. It also leads to micro marring and swirl marks that appear unappealing.