Is Enrolling in a Driving School a Must?

Learning to drive your new car won’t require a college degree or any advanced training. Even so, you still must know the ins and outs of driving, more particularly the safety procedures that you need to follow all the time. The best way to be a good driver is to enroll in a Tulsa driving school. If you already know how to drive, enrolling in a refresher course isn’t a bad idea either.  

Many drivers don’t want to enroll in a driving school and that’s understandable. Again, it doesn’t take much to learn how to drive. All that one needs is a practice and some theoretical lessons on the side. But then, the advantages of getting driving lessons from a certified Tulsa auto school 

Things You’ll Only Learn in a Driving School 

If you choose to enroll in a Tulsa or Oklahoma driving school, then you’ll learn some of the techniques below that you might not learn elsewhere. This makes enrolling in these schools such a worthy investment.  

  1. Knowing where your tires are 

For most new drivers, the struggle lies in knowing where your tires are. While you can’t see your tires, as a good driver, you should know where they are while driving. That’s the only way you can clear ruts and potholes. You need enough practice driving your car to know by instinct where your tires are.  

  1. Drying the brakes

Drying the brakes is also a good driving skill to learn. Running through puddles means your break pad got wet. If this happens, then you must clear the brakes several times by pressing on your gas pedal. Doing so will dry up the brake quicker and keep the water from reaching your vehicle’s ignition system. 

  1. Parking properly 

Most driving schools are there to teach students how to park properly and that’s an advantage, especially when it comes to parallel parking. Parallel parking must be one of the hardest techniques that you’ll ever have to learn as a new driver. It isn’t nearly as easy as perpendicular parking.  

  1. Driving in unfavorable conditions

If you enroll in a good driving school, then they won’t just teach you how to drive into the sunrise. They’ll also teach you how to drive your car when there’s heavy rain and if the road isn’t perfectly smooth. Night driving should be covered as well. Remember that the road conditions aren’t perfect all the time. When you must drive during such situations, you must know exactly what to do.  

  1. Basic troubleshooting

Your car won’t be in tip-top shape all the time. In a few years, it will require repairs. You must know more than just how to drive your car. You should also learn how to fix it, or at least identify where the problem is if you notice any. You should know what to do in case your car doesn’t want to start or if it dies in the middle of the highway.   

These are just some of the things that you’ll learn in a good driving school. They’re all worth learning, so don’t hesitate to enroll in one. 


The Danger of Electricity

Electricity is used a lot nowadays; it might be in the light that you are using or perhaps it’s in the AC that you have in order to keep cool. It’s clear that electricity is an important and useful but electricity can be a source of danger too, in the matter of fact there are a lot of accidents involving electricity. In this article we will talk about the dangers of electricity and how to prevent these accidents and how important it is to know the dangers that electricity have. If you’re looking for a professional that’ll truly help you in times of electrical danger then contacting electrician bend oregon is a service that’ll help you in solving your problem. 


  • Flammable and Explosive

Surprisingly, electricity is actually flammable and explosive, there are many reasons why electricity is an explosive and is flammable, and one of those reason is it being overheated and such. Electricity can be explosive because of heat radiation and pressure wave, when you are exposed to an electrical explosion, you will get burns and partial or total loss of sight. Electricity is also a flammable substance, when an explosion occurs there would be a slight ignition of fire and when that happens, the little fire could turn into a bigger one. So, make sure that you don’t overheat and have a high-pressure wave in your area because surely, they ll cause accidents such as a fire accident and an explosion accident. 

  • Can Cause Burns and Shocks

When you came in contact with direct electricity, especially if it is a high voltage one, you could get burns and shocks or even worse death, be careful around electricity. There are approximately 40,000 fire accidents that are cost by electric every year and thousands of people died and got injured because of having contact with a high voltage electricity. We have electrons ad protons in our body and if one, especially electrons have contact with electricity then it will cause electric shock in your body and will shock you. So, when you are in a contact of electricity, there will be chances of you to get burned and have shocks as our body can become a conductor of electricity. 

  • Ways to Prevent the Dangers of Electricity

There are many ways in order for us to be safe around electricity and ensure that we’ll not get injured or worse be dead because of the contact of electricity. Ways such as reducing the electrical voltage into a much safer one, installing a residual current device in order to reduce the shocks of electricity, will surely help you be safer. Other than that, a daily check-up for different electrical installations is always a great way to prevent accidents, as well as keeping water away from electricity since water is a conductor of electricity. So, it is very important for us to be safe around electricity as it will ignite many accidents but we should also remember that electricity is very important.