How to Give Your Kitchen a Functional Face-Lift

If you’re tired of looking at your kitchen and wants to make a new space out of it, it’s probably the best time to give it a make-over. A pint-sized kitchen is not really good to work at, so it’s time to give it a functional space that you will love to use. When you’re planning to renovate, just collaborate with so you can finally have a new kitchen to work at.

  1. Create a Logical Layout
  2. The key to having a user-friendly kitchen is having a well-organized layout that reflects your lifestyle. The layout of your kitchen should address what your cooking need and how you want to use the space for food preparation. Every item should be put on a logical spot where food preparation is easy, like making coffee and cooking meals. One of the examples of a good layout is a prep station at the oven’s right side. The kitchen should be equipped with tools used for chopping and slicing.

  3. Transforming Furniture
  4. One of the wisest things to do is to transform furniture to make use of the space. If you don’t have a kitchen table, you can transform one of your countertops. Other examples of this transformation are a table that folds out from the wall or pulls out from the kitchen island. So if you really have a small space you can have a table where you eat then disappear after you put away the dishes.

  5. Ditch Your Kitchen Cabinets
  6. Installing open kitchen storage is fine. But cabinets will only add too much bulk on your kitchen space, and you might feel like the space is too small. To make the kitchen feel more open and air, you can try by replacing the doors with shelves or totally remove the doors. The shelving will also give you an opportunity to display your dishes which is an aesthetic idea for you.

  7. Lighten Up the Walls
  8. One of the smart ways to brighten up your kitchen is by lighting up the wall and painting it with light colors. If the space is sunlight deprived, it won’t look inviting. In fact, it will only look constricted and too small. Try adding some task lighting on the areas where you do your food preparation and cooking. You can also amplify the artificial light source and natural light source by adding reflective surfaces in pale colors.

  9. Add Bonus Countertop
  10. The space is small but you want to maximize it as much as possible. You can do this by adding a custom-built butcher block sink cover. You can invest on a cheap sink cutting board that makes as an extra countertop for your kitchen.

  11. Maximize Every Space

Get those walls working as much as possible. You can out crannies and nooks to make the kitchen have useful storage. Use the space above the countertop where you put the knives, spoons and forks. There’s too many wall space, just think about their function.


Signs to Look for in Landscape and Yard Draining Problems

Once your landscape has poor drainage, expect to experience troubles for your home and yard. It can be challenging to determine if your yard is having problems with landscape drainage sometimes until the issues have gotten even worse eventually, causing more damaging stages. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to get your landscaping drainage checked and potential problems fixed as soon as possible to have it under control.  


Moreover, make sure to consult a reliable landscaping company to correct your erosion or landscape drainage issues whenever you observe any of these indications around your property. Moreover, you will still have time before the winter season hits and spring precipitation when these issues can potentially become worse. 

Without further ado, listed below are the signs you should search for to spot yard and landscape draining issues: 

Unpleasant smell 

One more thing that usually comes with an unsolicited collection of water is a weird smell. Unpleasant bacterial development usually flourishes in wet areas. With poor drainage, the soil becomes damp for a long time, causing bacteria to develop.  

Yard erosion 

When water fails to drain, there’s a possibility that it will accumulate and pool. This water amount can more likely result in yard erosion. Once you observe mud on your sideway and driveway or mulch out of your garden beds after a severe rainstorm, perhaps you have to reassess the drainage of your landscape with the help of an expert landscaping contractor.  

Patchy lawn 

If your yard drainage is poorly maintained, it can be dead zones all over your lawn. Meaning, some plants, and grass will have a hard time thriving and growing in excessively saturated soil. Although you still need to be cautious of a patchy lawn that can be due to several other problems that are not related to drainage. If you think your yard has it, do not hesitate to hire a landscaper who can evaluate the underlying cause of such an issue before thinking about concealing the yard using new sod.  

Clogged downspouts and gutters 

If there is an accumulation of pooling waters all over your property, you could observe a few around your downspouts and gutters. Gutters can gather rain that will potentially run down the sidings of your house otherwise, resulting in all kinds of issues. With effective downspouts and gutters, the drainage system can sufficiently lead the excess water far from your house. Moreover, downspouts and gutters that are clogged by dirt and leaves are one of the signs that your yard is possibly having problems with landscaping drainage now. If this is the case, you might be required to utilize downspout extensions to effectively redirect excess water.  

Water puddles and pools 

This is probably one of the easiest ways to determine signs of drainage issues within your landscaping design. But keep in mind that you can only observe this after heavy rainfall. If your property has any excess water, make sure to have it diverted away from the main structure of your property and get it drained away into the land that surrounds your property.  


Mistakes to Avoid When Hand Washing Your Car

Today, the process of a hand wash in the auto detailing industry is a more common topic of discussion. It’s also a more required service in the industry of car washing. The reason for this is that it is less aggressive on the paint. A lot of individuals believe that hand washing ensures that you will not get any scratches or swirl marks on the car. However, that isn’t the case.

The truth is that hand washing should be properly done to avoid scratches and swirls. If not properly done, it can be simply as dangerous as a wash with a brush or other abrasive approaches.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes to avoid when hand washing your car. If you want to know more, you can
click here.

Excessive Scrubbing

Scrubbing excessively can cause small scratches and mar as well. Every panel needs to get several light passes without too much pressure. Other techniques should be used if a contaminant can’t be removed with several short passes. Do not vigorously rub the panel to remove the contaminant.

Cross Contamination

You will also experience a lot of problems if you cross-contaminate towels. For example, wiping the car’s body with the same towel used to wipe the wheels is not a wise move. Having a couple of dedicated towels for every component of the vehicle is vital.

Lack of Lubrication

You can damage the paint of your car if it lacks lubrication while washing. The reason for this is that the surface friction in increase. Keep in mind that paint correction costs a lot of money. Thus, you shouldn’t be stingy with the soap.

Wrong Hand Washing Methods

If you use the wrong hand washing methods, it might lead to scratches and swirl marks through over contamination. This is particularly true if going from one dirty panel to another dirty panel. For instance, the lower panels are typically the dirtiest because they’re closer to the ground. That is why it is best to always start from the upper part of your car and slowly work your way down. Rinse your wash mitt after you have reached the lower part of the panel. If you don’t, the particles that are picked up from the dirty panel can be dragged throughout the other panels. This can lead to scratches on the surface.

Not Rinsing Towels

Another certain way to cause a couple of swirls is not rinsing towels clean across the wash process. For instance, utilizing the same wash mitts to wash the whole vehicle without stopping to rinse the mitts in between several panels is a certain way to create a couple of swirls.

These are simply several improper wash methods that are done commonly by a lot of car owners
during a hand wash. A lot of people doing these wrong methods aren’t aware of how harmful they are to the paint of the car. It also leads to micro marring and swirl marks that appear unappealing.


Signs of Pest Infestation in Commercial Areas

It is important that you do not have any pest infestation on your commercial space or area because this is red flag for your business. It is not a good sign for your business especially if you are selling any edible products or if you are serving food in your café or restaurant.

The technique for pest control is to prevent it from happening. The earlier you identify the problem, the earlier it will be solved. You have to discreet about this because this can ruin your business and your market, hence, it is very important for you to take action by availing pest control services Springfield to avoid the problems that pest infestation can give you and your business.

Here are the early signs of pest infestation in commercial areas:


Most pests lay their nest to produce more of their kind. Ants build a boulder like structure made of soil and other similar particles, termites hide on under your furniture and any hole will serve as their nests, you can see dried leaves or plant clippings around the area of nesting. You must be aware of the signs of nesting for you to identify one when you see one in the area of your business.


Pests leave around poo in the area where they are infesting. The infestation of pests will be easier to find if you also find their poo or their bombs since this will lead you right into their nests and it will be easier for you to solve when you know where to start eradicating the problem.


Rodents will surely leave a sign of its tracks through their greasy foot. Be aware of this kind of sign because most business owners mistake rodent marks as just grease marks especially in the kitchen area. Make sure that you check for these signs because if there are rodents in your commercial area, it will not be safe for the customers as well as the employees in your business.

Rodents can poison the food of your customers or ruin your stocks if you sell dry goods. You have to eradicate them in your commercial area to avoid more problems.


The initial damages that pests can do in your commercial area are holes and eating marks. If wooden furniture or a fixture shows holes in them, you might be looking at the work of evil termites or persistent ants. The holes on wooden furniture, roofs, ceilings, cabinets and walls are the early sign of pest infestation.


If there are pests around your commercial space, you will be able to smell them and there pee or poo. Usually, wastes from pests are not pleasing to the nose and will be very disturbing. Make sure that if you smell something off, look for other signs of infestation and solve the problem.

Calling for professional pest control companies will save you a lot of time and money. Your business will also be saved if you make sure that you do not have any pests in your business because this can be very critical.


Vital Points to Watch Out For Regarding Your AC Unit

The dynamic levels of air conditioning repair and mercury remains to be on the list in your awaited chores, however, it gets postponed often because of some reasons. The idea of having your HVAC system fixed might usually be frustrating. Though, if you know how to fix the problem, then you could do so at to some extent. For you to do this, you should determine what the source of the issue is first. Then, search for the best solution.

In most cases, the main problem that commonly happens to an AC unit is motor dysfunction. To put it simply, it’s the time when your AC unit stops functioning. This could eventually lead to more issues in your unit. In addition, there are some problems that obstruct the cooling and that’s when the ice builds up on the hoses. If this happens, it could mean that there’s something wrong with your cooling appliance.

Determining different cooling appliance problems

Once the ice chunks are covered on the inside or the outer surface, then it would indicate that it needs proper maintenance. The possibility of AC unit repair could be prevented. The thing that you should do is to have your cooling device regularly maintained. Once you neglect the issue of ice buildup, then it could require you to replace the entire unit eventually.

Addressing some issues of AC repair

Monitoring the appliance is one of the things that should be addressed in any air conditioning unit. In particular scenarios where your AC doesn’t cool properly or switch on, it could mean that you should focus on thorough maintenance for your unit. If the issue is already aggravated, then the experts might suggest to have your unit replaced with a new one.

Basic tips about auto AC repair

If you’ve thought about having your AC unit repaired by the experts, then you should be well-versed regarding the fundamental elements like evaporator or dryer, expansion valve, condenser, refrigerant, and compressor. Knowing these parts would aid you to easily determine the issues first before presenting it to the experts.

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